Moving up to performance tires provides you better handling over other all-season tires.

Fortunately, your Automotive Services Guys is an expert when it comes to performance tires. For over thirty years our trained technicians have serviced and installed probably every type of automotive tire there is.

Performance tires provide your vehicle with an enhanced degree of handling, cornering, stopping and steering. They are also safe during a panic situation for control and work well with the new anti-lock brake technology.

If you’re an enthusiast of speed and power like lots of people out there, performance tires are designed to match your vehicle’s performance capabilities. Your tires will handle the road as well as you do.

Automotive Services Auto Service centers carry a wide variety of performance tires from brands such as Michelin, BF Goodrich and Daytona for cars, vans, SUVs and light trucks, foreign and domestic. Our experienced technicians can help you find the set of performance tires that are right for you and your car.

Our Staff can also rotate, align, balance or anything else necessary to keep your tires running smoothly and safely. So make an appointment or stop in today for a free inspection and to check out what performance tires Automotive Services has available for your vehicle.

For expert car care…”Don’t Worry. . .Call the Automotive Services Guys!”